Our aim is to facilitate optimum development of child's full potential and lay the foundation for all round development.

Our Pedagogy

We at Einstein High have tailored preschool curriculum such that it is very attractive as we make use of best of many developmental theories like multiple intelligences, Montessori method, Blooms taxonomy which together provide various learning platforms for child's holistic development.

For Academic Curriculum we are associated with "ACADEMY PUBLISHERS" They have a creative and research team working relentlessly right from the grass root level with effective and periodic interaction with the teachers and the kids equally, they have acquired certain finer knowledge about the precise requirements of both. A thorough insight into the teaching abilities of the faculty and the learning abilities of the children guided by preparing the most appropriate sets of books to render the teaching and learning.


Learning Curve

The learning method in our academic curriculum is completely unique and is a PATENDED* method by Academy Publishers. It comprises of:

Physical development
Emotional development
Mental development
Spiritual development
Social development

Working Curve

The working curve works on the principle of Howard Gardner to enhance the level of Multiple intelligences. It comprises of:

Musical Learner
Linguistic Learner
Spatial Learner
Naturalistic Learner
Interpersonal Learner

Our Teachers are Facilitators

At Einstein High we are delighted about the exceptional quality of our teachers. They play a pivotal role of being a facilitator to every child by granting the learners some space to let the spirits of creativity and innovation flourish. Learners get involved into an active participation that would be represented in discussions and teamwork activities, so the process of learning becomes comprehensive.

We seek out facilitators with love for children, passion for learning and an ability to teach, supported by professional qualifications and experiences. Each facilitator is selected through a rigorous recruitment process. After recruitment they undergo special training and regular refresher courses and introductory sessions about the advancements in the field of teaching and childcare.


Indoor learning spaces

We provide children with ample play area equipped with nontoxic and child safe equipment's, soft play area to enhance child's gross motor skills, activity area which stimulates fine motor skills in children, puppet theater to help children exhibit their creative expression, indoor Amphitheatre which builds child's confidence and enhance their imaginative power.

Outdoor learning spaces

Having spoken about internal environment emphasis is given on utilization of external environment as well. Field trips being a part of curriculum help children engage with nature in a clean and safe way utilizing its widely available resources like leaves and twigs which constructs child's sensory abilities making their practical experiences come alive.